Along with writing and a few other interests, I’ve discovered an interest in creating new level maps for ID Software’s classic 1990s FPS, Doom (or more accurately, its sequel, Doom II). As it seems a shame to let them disappear completely, I’ve added them here for your enjoyment.

How do I play these?

Doom and Doom II are, naturally, rather old now and unlikely to run on modern PCs without a lot of effort. Fortunately there is a better way – download and install a modern engine. I’d recommend GZDoom, which provides full support not only for the classic Doom games but also a number of other games from the same ilk (including Hexen and Heretic). It also supports a lot of new features that modern level creators have embraced and which don’t work on the classic games.

You’ll need to find a copy of the main DOOM2.WAD file, however, which contains all the level data and content for Doom II. Your best bet, if you don’t already have a copy, is to buy it for pennies at somewhere like GOG.COM.

Download the relevant ZIP file and extract the WAD file from it. Check the instructions for GZDoom or whatever engine you’re using to launch the WAD.

My RAMP 2023 Levels

In June 2003 I submitted my first ever Doom maps to an annual online event known as RAMP. They were reasonably well received for beginner maps. These are both entirely “vanilla” and should run happily even with older, classic versions of Doom II.

Quarters – my first map, and rather ambitious. Despite a number of misaligned textures and other errors, I’m still rather proud of this one. I’ve fixed the most glaring problems before posting it here but I’ve decided to leave everything else alone. It’s a little rough around the edges but fun.

Easy As Pie – I had some time left to submit another map and I threw together this one fairly quickly. It’s something of a gimmicky map and it could become very irritating if you don’t figure out the pattern. Once you do, it really is easy as pie.

Other Levels

Outpost Theta – my first map to use the newer features available within GZDoom, so it may not work on other engines.

Bounty Hunter – largely built as a project to try out ACS scripting. Again, will probably need GZDoom to run. In order to buy new weapons and more ammunition, you’ll need to hunt down monsters. Can you find the three skull keys and defeat the tyrannical Cyberdemon? Thanks go to Emperor S P O O N for the town area’s music.

Barrelling Along – a more “vanilla” format (MBF21) map that will work happily in GZDoom and many other emulators. This was built as a challenge map that had to fulfil at least three restrictions from a list. This particular map has four of them: 1024 x 1024 map size, 1 monster type (Imp), 3 textures and 3 flats, including a bunch of explosive barrels. It’s a short and relatively simple map to play, but it turned out rather well. Thanks go to Emperor S P O O N for the map’s music, “Zero”.