A date for the diary: 1st September

It's coming! It's really coming!


Saturday 1st September is Novel Day. It’s the day I finally stop prevaricating and publish The Amnesia Project. It’s been years in the making – a lot of that time on hiatus. It’s long past the time it should have grown up, got a job and moved out.

Still, I’m worried about it. A parent worries so much about their first child. Will it be okay? Will people like it or pick on it? Will it make its parent proud? Then again, maybe there are some parents who throw a party when their offspring finally leaves. I suppose it depends on the parents, or the child.

But I’m prevaricating again. The website is in place, the novel is ready to upload to all the usual sites and the party food is in the oven. It’s nearly time.


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