One of the most important tools in writing is simple momentum.

I stopped writing when the pandemic started in 2020. I just couldn’t do it – reality itself had been turned on its head, and it was a long time before I got back into writing anything at all.

When November 2021 came around, I committed myself to writing every day for NaNoWriMo. Thirty days of writing, averaging more than 1600 words a day – and then I just kept going. I didn’t miss a single day for five months, though the rate dropped to a more manageable level.

The streak broke last week. Not all that surprising – I wasn’t even in the same country, never mind the same routine. I did manage one spurt of writing while I was away. Since then, I’ve found it harder to get back into the flow.

Momentum is key. If you write every day, it becomes automatic. If you miss a day, it’s harder to get back into that flow – but one day isn’t a problem. Miss two days in a row, and it’s tougher. Miss a week…

The word count is low, but I’m powering up the motor again. I will keep writing.

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