Plans for 2023

I don’t make resolutions for the new year. Instead, I set goals. I review these at the end of the previous year and set new ones. These goals cover many different aspects of my life, including fitness and hobbies, but writing goals are a big part of them.

Writing Goals in 2022

I had two of these.

  1. Complete the rewrites for my second novel, with the working title of “Dark Elements”.
  2. Start revising and rewriting my NaNoWriMo project from 2021, “Shuffle”.

The first of these has been completed and I’ve had a beta reader look over it – some minor changes have been identified. The biggest issue I currently have with this book is finding a proper title for it! Even my beta reader was unable to come up with anything.

“Shuffle” is still being rewritten as I write this; I have done most of it by now, but the remaining chapters are the ones that require more complicated changes and bigger rewrites, so I’ve become a little bogged down. However, with a daily writing habit, I know I will get there eventually!

Goals for 2023

Updates to listing for “The Amnesia Project” – this is currently being listed on Amazon as a psychological thriller, and this is true – but I also want to pitch the sci-fi side of the story as well, partly because my newer works are much more in this direction. I may need to update the cover as well, but I intend to list this one as sci-fi AND as a psychological thriller, as it straddles both genres. This should hopefully be quite straightforward!

Finalise and publish “Dark Elements” – my next novel. This needs a cover, a blurb, a few tweaks to the text, and compiling into various formats. It also needs a proper title. I’ve brainstormed several, but none of them are quite right.

Complete rewrites to “Shuffle” – underway, and going well. Once these are done, I’ll need to find a cover for this book too.

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