The Amnesia Project – Updated

I’ve now applied some updates to the novel that should be available shortly. Kindle readers may find that an updated version is automatically downloaded (or at least available); I’m not sure about those using different readers. There’s not a huge amount different here – I’ve corrected a minor error or two, and based on reader feedback I’ve added some lines to a couple of chapters in the climax to clarify which time zone each is set in.

The print edition, however, was in dire need of updating. When I first published The Amnesia Project, I did so with little understanding of how the technical stuff worked. Sure, I had a little practice with Mirror Images, but that was only ever released as an ebook. A print version is intended in the near future.

As a result, The Amnesia Project never looked quite right in print form. It was readable, but the spacing and the font size were off, and I couldn’t figure out why. Having done some more investigation and spent a considerable time swearing at Scrivener, I think I’ve now cracked it – a new print version is now being approved by Amazon and should be available shortly.

If this goes to plan, expect Mirror Images to follow suit very soon.

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