First draft complete!

Back in November, I started on a new novel. Due to other commitments I was unable to hit the 50,000 word target this time – I got to around 42,000 – but I didn’t give up. The novel has continued, a fair bit more slowly, and I am delighted to confirm that the first draft is now done.

A girl bursts into flames on a night out. A boy starts to gain weight astonishingly fast. An old man is trapped in his house by his own garden. A series of girls take a new drug that makes them try to jump from great heights. A private detective soon discovers that these strange events are all connected, but can he stop what’s going on before these sinister experiments are completed?

At the moment, this novel still has the working title of “Dark Elements”, which I don’t particularly like, but it has grown to 69,536 words. Now comes the hard part – I need to leave it well alone for a bit and do something else. In a few weeks I’ll start reading through it, when it should be a lot fresher, so I can identify what needs fixing and rewrite it accordingly.

Watch this space!

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