January is well underway. How are we all doing on those new year’s resolutions? (I’m doing fine – I didn’t make any.)

NaNoWriMo ended a while ago now, but it’s done something wonderful for my writing habits. I have continued working on “Shuffle” even beyond November, albeit a bit slower, and I’ve not missed a single day since.

Not even Christmas Day. I have written something on this project every single day from November 1st to today, and not yet missed a single one. That’s a streak of 71 days.

I don’t always write a lot. Some days have been a few hundred words. Some are over a thousand. None have hit quite the same heights as November did, but I don’t expect them to. I can’t keep up that sort of pace forever – not on top of a full time job.

Most importantly – I’m having fun! This project has room to grow and grow as much as I want it to. I still have a long list of ideas that may or may not work, and I’ll probably keep going until I run out. New ones pop up sometimes – I took a break from one harder chapter to write a completely new one based on an idea that came to me while out for a walk.

At some point, I’ll have to go back to my “proper” novel. But… maybe not yet.

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