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Musings on web design past and present...

Hello everyone! Welcome to my newly rebuilt website. It sorely needed tidying up. While I may have a way with words, I’ve never claimed to be any good at web design and this new version is not my creation. I’ve used the skills of someone much more talented than I. Brad, if you’re reading this, you have my eternal thanks.

My first ever “professional” website was a hideous blue and purple eyesore for a proofreading service. Despite the migraines it doubtless caused for many potential customers, it still got me some work. Eventually a kind soul directed me to a site that offered free templates, and future customers were spared further headaches.

So the moral of the story is – stick to what you’re good at. Or maybe “you get what you pay for”. Or… ah, whatever. Go take a look at the rest of the site already!

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