It’s nearly that time of year again…

It’s October again, already. The nights are longer, the heating is back on and the shops are selling selection boxes and mince pies. And that means we’re about to enter that crazy time of year again.

Not Christmas. The other one.

NaNoWriMo – or, in full, the National Novel Writing Month.

I’ve entered this three times now. Three rushes to get 50,000 words written in just thirty days. I managed twice; the other time, I only hit about 42,000. It proved a complicated month that year.

Last year, I didn’t enter. Lockdown had hit my efforts hard and my writing pretty much stopped entirely. This year, I intend to try.

I’ve got an idea in mind. I still need to figure out some of the details, but the very nature of the story is quite unusual. It won’t be a typical novel, and that should help to keep it fresh and exciting. I’ll be posting updates here as I go along and I’m actually quite excited.

The working title is currently “Shuffle”. I won’t go into further details just yet, as it might spoil things.

Four weeks to go…

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