Paperback Editions

Physical versus virtual books...

It’s quite a feeling to finally hit the “submit” button and have your work appear online as an ebook that absolutely anyone can choose to download. But it doesn’t feel quite real.

I grew up before these ebooks were a thing. I used to visit my local library and take real, paper books out. When I started writing myself, the idea of having my own book on a shelf that anyone could pick up and read was very appealing. Ebooks are all very well, but they don’t have that real book smell, the feel of the paper, the weight. They’re just words.

Fortunately, these are the days not just of ebooks but of print on demand. We can cheaply and easily get books printed whenever we want. Which is why I’ve used Amazon’s wonderful wizardry to put together a paperback edition of The Amnesia Project. I’ll do the same for Mirror Images in due course. I expect the paperback Project to be available within the next few days.

Ebooks are wonderful (especially when I can take dozens of them with me in one device) but there’s something special about a printed book.

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