NaNoWriMo – Day Eight

Eight days in, and the writing project is going well. I’ve written the first and last chapters, and one of the middle ones – because you don’t need to write in order, and I certainly don’t for this project.

My daily word count has varied between 985 and 2400. Today, as life keeps getting in the way, it’s a mere 1329. Overall, however, I’m on top of things – I need 13,336 words by this point to be on par, and I’ve so far written 13,658.

Findings so far:

  • I figured out early on that I can’t do early morning writing. It just doesn’t work for me. After work, after a brief rest, is the best time for me to start writing.
  • I don’t need to do it all at once. On several occasions I’ve started, left it for a while, then came back later. If you’re going to do that, however – leave a note to yourself to remind you what happens next!
  • It’s not actually that bad. I was expecting it to be pretty poor, and I already know there’s a lot that could be done to improve it, but my middle chapter in particular worked out surprisingly well.
  • Cups of tea are essential.

I’ll be back at it tomorrow now, and again every day after. Next update will be day 15… the halfway point!

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