NaNoWriMo – Day Fifteen

Halfway through the month. How is everyone holding out?

Mondays are often busy for me. The first day back at work after the weekend, and a lot of non-work things seem to end up on Mondays too (like my weekly run), so it’s perhaps no surprise that today’s word count is under par at just 1232 words. But it doesn’t matter – I’m actually ahead of my target so far.

To hit 50,000 words you (obviously) need to have written 25,000 by the halfway point. I currently have a total of 25,268.

So far I’ve written about dinosaurs, lost love, a totalitarian state, bacon sandwiches, postmodernism and I’m now starting on time travel gone wrong. I have a whole bunch of ideas and partial ideas for future stories, because this is a project that can be as big as I want it to be.

This is perhaps the most important thing I’ve gleaned from the experience so far. Writing should be fun. It doesn’t matter whether this experiment ever gets published, though I’m certainly considering it. I’m writing more (and more frequently) than I have in a long time. Once November is over, I will have to slow down – but I won’t stop.


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