NaNoWriMo – Day Twenty Two

I’ll keep this one pretty short.

So far I’ve been writing every day for just over three weeks. Some days have been less than stellar. Others have been surprisingly good. And my goodness, but this is actually FUN!

I’m ahead of schedule. By now I should have written 36,674 words to remain on target. Thanks to some earlier efforts that went above and beyond, I’m actually at 38,575. There’s a real danger that I might even finish early.

But some bits are easier than others.

My previous chapter, involving time loops and a lot of repetition, meant I could copy, paste and edit large chunks instead of typing them out again. That saved a lot of time. On the other hand, I’m currently halfway into a play script, which is not a format I’m used to and has slowed me down considerably.

You also don’t need to write things in order. Yesterday I didn’t feel at all witty or creative, so I put the play on hold and started another chapter entirely. Wrote 1900 or so words, and came back to the play tonight. I will continue the new chapter later.

Only eight days to go! Can I keep it up…?

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